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Xbox HDD Infographic

I made the infographic below after cracking the shits about the current Xbox HDD situation (more info below). When I bought my Xbox 360, 20gb was the biggest HDD you could get, and that was fine at that time, as … Continue reading

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Game review: NBA Live 10

A couple of weeks ago I picked up NBA Live 2008 from JB Hifi for a mere $19. It was fun and it re-ignited my interest in the NBA. There were however annoyances. Players would frequently miss easy shots from … Continue reading

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Nine things I have done in Prototype

I got Prototype on Saturday and have been playing it on and off to relax. It captures the feeling of being a super-hero more than any actual superhero game has managed in the past. The experience of running and jumping … Continue reading

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RockBand: The Beatles

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet, now is the time to get one: It doesn’t really represent the gameplay, but what an amazing trailer! Gameplay trailer here.

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Rocking in the Free World

Yesterday I went into the local shopping centre/gang hangout with the intention of buying Rock Band. After much internal discussion I’d decided to choose RB over Guitar Hero World Tour due to my much vocalised disapointment at the sloppy mess … Continue reading

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