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Lorna Dane

This pic was just going to be a rough sketch, then I decided to shade it in black and white in photoshop, then I decided to colour it, then I decided to turn it into a b-grade x-men character. I’ve … Continue reading

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X3: More Explosions!

The teaser trailer for X3 is out, and it looks like when Bryan Singer left the franchise he took his sense of subtlety with him. Brett Ratner [Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2] has increased the cast once more [Beast, Angel, … Continue reading

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Be Afraid – A Rant About Comics

Disclaimer: Only read the following if you have an interest in comics, the x-men or enjoy reading geeky rants. And if you disagree with my opinion, you are wrong. I started reading x-men comics about nine years ago. While most … Continue reading

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