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Joan – An Elevator Operator

A nice short piece by a mate of mine, shot in a day on a Canon 5Dmk2 and a radio mic. Watch it fullscreen in HD for niceness. So Melbourne.

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Today was a good day

This is an ad for shoes, but you can’t help but admire the smooth skating and production values (the end is pretty good too).

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Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon

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New Dinosaur Jr video for ‘Over it’

Off the new album ‘Farm’ which is out in a week or two. It’s an awesome clip, be sure to view it fullscreen. The clip for Been there all the time is worth checking out as well. I love that … Continue reading

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Meet the Spy

So there’s this multiplayer online internet game called Team Fortress 2 that I play. You have two teams of 12 to 16 people (Teams Red and Blue) who choose one of nine classes (sniper, spy, soldier etc) and hopefully work … Continue reading

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President Palin

When McCain’s octogenarian heart gives up the ghost, this woman could be running the country with the most nukes on the planet. Watch this video, even if you’ve seen it before: I just need to write this shit down to … Continue reading

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