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America, Fuck Yeah

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President Palin

When McCain’s octogenarian heart gives up the ghost, this woman could be running the country with the most nukes on the planet. Watch this video, even if you’ve seen it before: I just need to write this shit down to … Continue reading

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Smiling Ass

I screencapped this last friday but forgot to post it. I’m not sure what went wrong, probably the image was cached or they were updating their css. Either way it certainly represents how a lot of people felt about ol’ … Continue reading

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The Future of Australian Politics

Australia’s future PM back in 1979:

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SMH: ‘Voters Prefer Julia Gillard to Kim Beazley’

No Shit Sherlock [story here] Kim Beazley needs to do Australia a favour and give up. He has to realise that Labour will never be in power while he is their leader. The problem is that the retarded masses see … Continue reading

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