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Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

Wow! That is how you make a Hulk movie! Expectations were low for this flick, with a questionable Director and rumoured arguments between Edward Norton and the producers, but with this and Ironman, Marvel Studios have shown that no-one knows … Continue reading

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Use your Illusion, Symbiote style

I kinda went down two paths simultaneously when colouring this. I expected to ditch one but ended up liking them both equally. 2007 is set to be Venom’s year. If you don’t know who he is, you will after seeing … Continue reading

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Painted Cap

I wanted to do a painted piece, but i probably should have started this on paper. The hardest part about doing something completely in photoshop is getting the proportions and everything right in the sketch phase. I’m still not completely … Continue reading

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A silly exercise in super saturation

It’s really stiff, flat and hulk’s right fist is one of the worst hands i’ve ever drawn, but it’s always fun to draw these two. What’s more, I had to colour it with my crappy old wacom because my new … Continue reading

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Yo! Hero! You Need a Haircut!

I’ve been a bit down lately, but tonight I almost burst out laughing on a packed train when I saw this ad in a comic I was reading. I could list the things wrong with it but I wont. Ok … Continue reading

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