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Meet the Spy

So there’s this multiplayer online internet game called Team Fortress 2 that I play. You have two teams of 12 to 16 people (Teams Red and Blue) who choose one of nine classes (sniper, spy, soldier etc) and hopefully work … Continue reading

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Worst Game of 2008 – Far Cry 2

2008 has been a bumper year for great games, but there is one real stinker which has somehow receievd great reviews despite being a steaming pile of shit. Somehow Far Cry 2 manages an 86% rating on metacritic yet ┬áplays … Continue reading

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Rocking in the Free World

Yesterday I went into the local shopping centre/gang hangout with the intention of buying Rock Band. After much internal discussion I’d decided to choose RB over Guitar Hero World Tour due to my much vocalised disapointment at the sloppy mess … Continue reading

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I am cool in video games

Another skate vid. Music by Beethoven and 2 Live Crew. The 2LC track is insanely dumb, but I couldn’t resist using it because of how well it goes with the classical intro.

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Skate Clips

Skate has to be one of the most underrated games of the last few years, it’s two years old and I still play it all the time. It’s a great chill out game. You can ignore the challenges and just … Continue reading

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Game Review: Quake 4

With the original Quake being one of the factors responsible for my current status as an ubernerd, I couldn’t ignore this latest chapter for long, despite my distaste for the shiny yet shallow Doom3. Quake 4 is an attempt by … Continue reading

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