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The Bendigo Bucket

Is this thing still on? A few weeks ago I came up with an idea for a hat in TF2 and cranked out a concept illustration. Before I knew it some dude from the internet offered to model it in … Continue reading

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Creating a Street Fighter

After seeing this image, I set myself the task of creating an Australian character for the computer video game Street Fighter IV. ‘Samson’ (above) is the result.

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Xbox HDD Infographic

I made the infographic below after cracking the shits about the current Xbox HDD situation (more info below). When I bought my Xbox 360, 20gb was the biggest HDD you could get, and that was fine at that time, as … Continue reading

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Game review: Modern Warfare 2

Everyone has played or read a review of MW2 (aka COD6) by now, so I’ll keep my review neat and relatively simple. MW2 has the same level of polish as COD4 Lets start on a positive note. MW2 is an … Continue reading

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Nine things I have done in Prototype

I got Prototype on Saturday and have been playing it on and off to relax. It captures the feeling of being a super-hero more than any actual superhero game has managed in the past. The experience of running and jumping … Continue reading

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RockBand: The Beatles

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 yet, now is the time to get one: It doesn’t really represent the gameplay, but what an amazing trailer! Gameplay trailer here.

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