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Further Proof that Frank Miller has lost his mind

The final trailer for ‘the Spirit’ is out and it looks dangerously stupid. Back in the 80′s Miller (along with the far superior Alan Moore) revolutionised comics by making them more intelligent and adult. Miller did this by infusing his … Continue reading

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Watchmen movie looks like it might not suck

The first trailer for Watchmen is out and despite the fact that it features Billy Corgan it looks pretty okay. Due to it’s depth, complexity, subject matter and density, Watchmen was always going to be a hard movie to make … Continue reading

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Black Thor

I’m a bit Thor-centric these days for some reason…

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Thor: God of Metal

Inspired by this.

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Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

Wow! That is how you make a Hulk movie! Expectations were low for this flick, with a questionable Director and rumoured arguments between Edward Norton and the producers, but with this and Ironman, Marvel Studios have shown that no-one knows … Continue reading

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Sloths are the new Monkeys

I’ve been sketching sloths lately:

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