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Daken meeting sketch

Sketched in a meeting and coloured quickly with Photoshop. Daken is Wolverine’s half Japanese son or something…

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Another meeting sketch done in pen and coloured quickly in Photoshop. Because I was in a meeting I didn’t have any reference material, so his costume is a bit of a mish mash of his classic and ‘House of M’ … Continue reading

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World

This is going to be awesome.

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Most Iconic Marvel panels of all time

This is awesome. If I was to ever get full body Yakuza tattoos, I’d get a montage of these images. This list of comic book panels (still being added to as of time of writing) collects the most iconic moments … Continue reading

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This continues to blow my mind

Back in the 90s I had to screen-print my own comic book t-shirts and hand cut the Decepticon logo for my crappy ’85 Magna. Now every second car I see has a Transformers logo, while Roger David and Dangerfield are … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Wolverine

I know no one is interested in reading this review at this point but I suffer from a┬ádebilitating┬ábout of nerd completeism, which explains why I saw this movie and why I’m bothering to review it now. Summary X-Men Origins: Wolverine … Continue reading

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