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Creating a Street Fighter

After seeing this image, I set myself the task of creating an Australian character for the computer video game Street Fighter IV. ‘Samson’ (above) is the result.

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I cut you face

Another random meeting sketch. Don’t ask me what it means or why the octopus doesn’t have a good grasp of English grammar, I just started drawing tentacles and stopped when the meeting finished. Also available in t-shirt form.

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Tickling my more than ample ego

Some student found my RedBubble profile and has done an assignment on me. My favourite paragraph is probably: I find that most of his designs have meaning, and relate to humour in some way/form. It is noticable to me that … Continue reading

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This is another meeting sketch. It started out as another sloth, but then turned into some kind of Sesame street style monster thing. Available in both T-shirt and Wallpaper form.

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Voodoo sketch

ZOMG I posted a drawing! I did this in a meeting after seeing a mention of Brother Voodoo online somewhere.

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Buy my stuff and get free postage

Redbubble is offering free shipping for this week only. Just enter the code ’100000masterpieces’ when you checkout. There are shirts, wall art and a super sexy calendar. All proceeds will go towards Boothy’s LCD TV fund.

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