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Lisbeth Salander

Another quick Monday night sketch. It felt good to ink something IRL for the first time in a while. Fincher did a great job with the American version, it’s a tough book to translate, go see it if you haven’t … Continue reading

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Watercolour Girl

I’ve started sketching again, this is the first sketch so far that has been un-derpy enough to warrant putting online [and it's still pretty derpy].

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You come at the King, you’d better not miss.

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Let’s fight like gentlemen

See Dudley in action.

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Inspired by this classic Chapelle Show Sketch. T Shirt available here [not in these colours tho]. Drawn with more than a little inspiration from the awesome Dan Hipp.

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Another meeting sketch done in pen and coloured quickly in Photoshop. Because I was in a meeting I didn’t have any reference material, so his costume is a bit of a mish mash of his classic and ‘House of M’ … Continue reading

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