Xbox HDD Infographic

I made the infographic below after cracking the shits about the current Xbox HDD situation (more info below).

Xbox 360 HDD infographic

When I bought my Xbox 360, 20gb was the biggest HDD you could get, and that was fine at that time, as all it was used for was saved games and the odd demo. Then Microsoft released the ‘New Xbox Experience™’ allowing you to, among other things, install games onto the harddrive (you still need the disk to play). This is an awesome feature, as games load more quickly, run smoother and you aren’t stuck with the constant lawnmower sound of the optical drive spinning.

Now, given the size of games, I can only manage to install one or two at a time (currently Street Fighter 4 and GTA IV). Recently I’ve hit a bug in NBA Live 10 that would be fixed by installing the game to the HDD but I’ve not a megabyte to spare.

The Xbox HD isn’t anything special, it’s a standard 2.5″ laptop drive inside a plastic case. Hard disk prices have been in freefall for years, and when you consider the fact that Microsoft would be buying components in bulk the $189, 120GB official Xbox HDD is one of the greatest rip offs in the history of mankind. Microsoft, I want to download more games and buy your DLC but your stupid Hard disk pricing wont let me give you money!

The prices above are from JB Hifi and Scorptec. Gizmodo has a good article on the issue here.

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  1. H says:

    An infographic that’s not to scale is actually called a complainographic.

  2. Aaron says:

    Ah, thanks for the heads up. All fixed now.

    My NSW High School Maths education leaves a little to be desired.

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