Game review: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2

Everyone has played or read a review of MW2 (aka COD6) by now, so I’ll keep my review neat and relatively simple.

MW2 has the same level of polish as COD4
Lets start on a positive note. MW2 is an adrenaline laced kick up the arse with smooth, fun, un-clunky gameplay. A massive variety of weapons, varied locales, explosions, tense moments and more explosions abound.

The core gameplay mechanics from COD4 remain intact and untampered with, while the Predator drones and slow mo breaching scenes are great new additions.

The story has issues
I forced myself to watch all the briefing cutscenes and still didn’t really understand what was going on. Bad guys arise and then suddenly disappear, the leader of the infamous terrorist attack on a Russian airport scene is totally forgotten about.

In COD4, when something crazy happened (like the much lauded post-nuclear death scene), it blew your mind because the rest of the plot was so realistic. MW2 attempts to cram a moment like that into every 15 minutes of gameplay, which diminishes the events as a whole. Your character either dies, falls off something, narrowly escapes an explosion or launches a nuclear missile every few minutes.

The US Invasion scenes, where a suburb and the White House are under attack from Russian forces, come across as over the top, with an overly sentimental Hans Zimmer score. I think Con put it best:

it’s like a Michael Bay / Tom Clancy wet dream

This is a console game
I played the PC version and it’s obvious when you do that it’s more or less a straight port from the console version. The chief issues involved are the low FOV, lack of dedicated servers and an overarching vibe of being dumbed down for mainstream retards.

Summing up
Overall I’d say MW2 is an above average game, but it’s console origins are sure to annoy hardcore PC purists. In my opinion, both single and multiplayer fall short of what Infinity Ward achieved with COD4.

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  1. Adrian says:

    I played through this yesterday, and I’d call it game of the year. Disagree with the story, I thought it was fantastic. Adds to the first, lots of conflicts and layers within events, and everyone’s loyalty was trailed and tested. I feel this is what war and politics is all about. I’m sure that Russian terrorist story will be continued on to COD7, but he is just a merc.

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