Nine things I have done in Prototype


I got Prototype on Saturday and have been playing it on and off to relax. It captures the feeling of being a super-hero more than any actual superhero game has managed in the past. The experience of running and jumping around the New York skyline is like nothing I’ve played before.

The game follows the angsty exploits of Alex Mercer, who woke up in the morgue one day with crazy super powers and no memory (original, I know). Not co-incidentally a virus has infected parts of the Big Apple, turning people into zombies, and a private army has been called in to wage war. Never mind the zombie apocalypse, all Alex cares about is finding the people who gave him powers and punching holes in them.

The following are some of the crazy things that I have done so far:

  1. Driven a tank through/over busy NY traffic
  2. While running at great speed and being chased by a huge mutant creature, I picked a rocket launcher off the ground, jumped 10 stories into the air, spun around and rained rockety goodness down upon my pursuer
  3. Stood calmly on a tank while it raced around trying to shake me off, flattening many cars and innocent New Yorkers in the process
  4. Thrown cars at helicopters
  5. Thrown the burning shell of a helicopter at another helicopter
  6. Karate kicked helicopters until they explode
  7. Punched tanks until they explode
  8. Grabbed an enemy soldier, run up the side of the Empire State Building to the very top, and threw the soldier out to sea
  9. Thrown zombies at a helicopter until it exploded

This Penny Arcade comic just about sums it up.

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6 Responses to Nine things I have done in Prototype

  1. Con says:

    Sold by number 8. It’s killing me holding off playing this until work gets out of the way. This is the carrot on the proverbial stick.

    As for “It captures the feeling of being a super-hero more than any actual superhero game has managed in the past.” apparently, though I’ve not played it myself, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (by the same dev team) also did an awesome job.

  2. Aaron says:

    Yeah I remember reading a review of it which talked about the running/bounding/wall running awesomeness.

    When you’re playing the game it’s quite obvious that Alex is a human sized Hulk.

    When land after jumping off a tall building, you’re encircled by a satisfying shockwave of destruction.

  3. Adrian says:

    Have you played spiderman 2 on the ps2? I thought that really nailed the web slinging in a New York sandbox. The actual game itself sucked, but I could spend hour just exploring the island by zipping around. I’d be impressed of the parkour in prototype outshines that experience.

  4. Aaron says:

    I’ll have to wait a while to get this. Stupid house deposit.

    Also I thought Crackdown did a pretty good job of making you feel like a super hero.

  5. adiebaby says:

    dude, have you seen this?

    very nicely done

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