The Chaser’s War on Originality

The Chaser sucks.

For every good sketch there are 100 unfunny, unoriginal, annoying or boring ones. Half of their material is ripped off from the Late Show, which would be fine if the Chaser guys possessed a modicum of the charm of the D Gen crew. The Late show struggled to fill it’s timeslot each week and many of it’s sketches flopped, but you couldn’t help but laugh along with Rob, Santo, Jane et al when things went wrong.

The Chaser guys come across as pompous pricks, being outrageous in order to gain attention, like a kid who swears to appear cool. From what I’ve heard, they’re jerks in everyday life as well.

Last night’s show contained two prime examples of Late Show ripping. In one sketch, Craig Reucassel used Groucho Marx glasses and then a horse costume in an attempt to disguise himself. Tony Martin and Mick Molloy did that gag over ten years ago.

The now infamous Realistic Wish Foundation sketch was followed by footage of Andrew Hansen dressed as a senior citizen writing a complaint letter to the ABC. This sort of thing was a staple of the Late show (notably in the Grey Mafia sketch: “Reg Lindsay just said bottom!” and the ‘What’s all that about’ song).

In my opinion the Chaser guys should go back to the CNNN format (which was ripping off the Onion).

On a side note, here are some favourite Late Show clips:

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2 Responses to The Chaser’s War on Originality

  1. James says:

    I have to agree some of their skits aren’t funny and they ‘borrow’ a lot from the D-Gen BUT I think they’re trying to make young people take notice of political and social issues they otherwise wouldn’t be interested in. Granted they do it in a very, round about way but I think they’re pretty good a satirising that content.

    The Late Show was just about having fun where as The Chaser are about trying to tap into that really hard market of getting the younger generation thinking beyond dick and fart jokes (even they incorporate them into the show).

    As for their personalities, hrmmmmm I think they’re more an act for the show and I don’t think what they present on screen is an accurate portrayal of their real life persona’s. That said, I’ve never met them :)

  2. Ev says:

    holy crap, yes on the sucks and yes on the D-gen comment, and yes on the pricks.

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