The Reaping

Mitch Idaho

The Reaping is a sci-fi story of mine. I got the idea for it during my trip overseas in the year 2000. For a long time the story lived only in my head, and a few scratchy character sketches which I drew on various beaches [some of these images are linked in the first few chapters]. Eventually, I bought a school book from a Greek supermarket in Corfu and started writing it down. I had about half of it done when I got back to Sydney, and have been working on it on and off since.

And now, it’s online. Well the first few chapters are anyway. I’ve still got a bit to do, and I want to edit some of the older stuff which needs tweaking. For better or worse, you can read the first few chapters here.

It’s set in the future on the desert planet of Athena and tells of a mismatched bunch of mercenaries on their most dangerous mission ever…
[I should write voice-overs for movie trailers]

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