This continues to blow my mind

Back in the 90s I had to screen-print my own comic book t-shirts and hand cut the Decepticon logo for my crappy ’85 Magna. Now every second car I see has a Transformers logo, while Roger David and Dangerfield are selling shirts featuring Spider-man, the Hulk, Wolverine and even Luke Cage*. Watchmen had a cross promotion with Bigpond. There was an ad for Schick before the Wolverine movie which featured a fat nerd shaving his beard into Wolvy chops.

My nerdy niche is now mainstream. How embarrassing.


*As a side note, the Roger David shirts are a cross promotion between Marvel and Technics, and feature art edited to make the characters appear to be DJs… because DJs are, like, hip or something. They are horriffic and a crime against humanity.

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  1. Robert says:

    Hmph. My “May the Funk Be With You” shirt with Darth Vader on decks that I bought at Camden markets is still cool.

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