Movie Review: Wolverine

I know no one is interested in reading this review at this point but I suffer from a debilitating bout of nerd completeism, which explains why I saw this movie and why I’m bothering to review it now.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an average action movie with none 0f the depth of the first two films, but still easily surpasses the turd that is X3. If you like the character, and can enjoy the odd dumb slugfest, you might even like it. Don’t expect Shakespeare here, this movie is about walking slowly away from explosions (and also riding Harley’s out of barns which happen to be exploding).

You can stop reading now if you are normal. The following is nerdy nitpicking:

  • Liev Schreiber is great as Sabretooth, Hugh is good as usual
  • I thought the scenes with him as a kid could have gone on longer, and the bone claws reveal was done much, much better in the comics. The war montage through the credits was kinda cool, although obvisouly ripped from Watchmen
  • Gambit was a bit meh, he’s an average character to begin with and I never thought he’d translate well to film. His powers are too hard to explain. In the film he just seems to magically shoot exploding cards out of his sleeve and is somehow strong enough to climb walls by punching his staff into them…
  • Some of the cg sfx were terrible, like the claws in the bathroom scene and the creepy de-aged Professor X
  • I didn’t really care about the ‘mangling of the characters’ that the internet seems so upset about. Sure Emma Frost is a human disco ball and Deadpool is turned into a human Bamix but for the most part the characters are the least this film has to worry about
  • There is a fair amount of dumbness, including most of the end, especially the scene where Stryker is controlling Weapon XI by keyboard and typing ‘Decapitate’
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2 Responses to Movie Review: Wolverine

  1. adiebaby says:

    totally agree with most of the above. still in disbelief at exactly how bad some of the CG was… overall it was enjoyable enough.

    overall i have a general meh-ness with prequel films. basically you know the end before it starts and they spend most of the script trying to ‘explain’ things without thinking about making a great film. There wasnt much of a sense it was building to anything and then the end ‘battle’ was a bit blah.

  2. adiebaby says:

    I take back my comments on prequels since watching star trek. *that’s* how to make a prequel!

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