Music that Doesn’t Suck

Below are two CDs that I have been listening to lately and will probably buy in real life if I ever walk into a CD shop.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Blitz

I’d more or less given up on these guys after 2006′s snore inducing Show your Bones. Blitz brings back the rough, electric energy of their first album and adds a subtle dash of synths to the mix. Almost every track is a winner.

The Cool Kids – The Bake Sale

Just when you thought Hip-Hop was all auto-tune, mumbling thugs and  just about to die, come two Hipsters from Chicago and Detroit rapping to minimalist beats about push-bikes and Street Fighter. Their seemingly simple rhymes are free from gangster posing, dripping with irony and often quite funny:

Just a F.Y.I.
I’m F.L.Y.
And for those who can’t spell I’m a pretty swell guy

And then there’s this interesting take on Hipster philosophy:

So much game I that I could put it in a bottle and sell it to lames,
And getting graphics in your fade was fresh in the day,
But it was jacked by the losers, I’m about to say screw it and
Grow a jerry curl wear a diaper like cupid or something else stupid,
And see if people do it, and if they do it then that proves it,
People are just losers and they’ll do anything if someone cool do it
But they won’t do it first so I guess they not cool

Some lyrics… I mean… this has to be tongue in cheek right?

At every party I hop the bar
And then dance with the chicks on top of that
Bartender be like ‘get off of that’
I’m like ‘not till I get rich off of rap’

Honorable Mentions

  • The Prodigy – Invaders must Die: Great retro feel but I wish that Liam would stop recycling the same sound effects from the last two albums and keep Maxim and Kieth away from writing dumbass lyrics “Now! The writing’s on the wall… It wont go away!”
  • Dinosaur Jr – Hand it Over & Whatever’s cool with me: I can’t get enough of this band, with or without the guy from Sebadoh
  • Seasick Steve – I started out with nothin’ and I still got most of it left: I saw this guy on Spicks and Specks and was immediately interested. Unfortunately most of his songs aren’t as hard as the one he played on TV (Thunderbird) but it’s a good listen nonetheless
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