Forgive them father, they know not what they do

Easter, like most of Christian ‘History’ does not stand up well to even the tiniest bit of scrutiny or logic.

Did Jesus commit suicide or did God murder his son? Neither outcomes sound very Christian.

Basically, the story goes that the ol’ ever-loving God was about to destroy earth because a primitive society on one tiny part of the planet crucified his son (in human form), but the dying son objects, saying ‘take me instead’.

God thinks that this sounds like a good deal, and so lets his son get ganked and lets everyone go about their business.

A couple of days later, Jebus respawns and appears (conveniently to only a select group followers) to let everyone know that his new religion isn’t dead and that people should still believe in him and put money in the collection plate, because he’ll totally be watching from space.


Virtually all of the Christian account is totally unverifiable. Sure, other accounts say that there was a guy called Jesus, who was popular and then crucified, but every other part of this story (including the crucial conversation between God and Jebus) comes from the people who are running the God Gravy train. 

Our modern society grinds to a halt for two days a year because of this myth. “Oh noes! We’d better shut the banks and shops for two days because of some fable about a Jewish sheepherder talking to a magical space ghost 2000 years ago!”

I’m never going to complain about a four day weekend, but it just amazes me that people who believe in this tripe haven’t stopped to think about the story behind one of the founding moments of their chosen religion.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I thought easter was all about the death of the easter bunny..?

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