Worst Game of 2008 – Far Cry 2


2008 has been a bumper year for great games, but there is one real stinker which has somehow receievd great reviews despite being a steaming pile of shit.

Somehow Far Cry 2 manages an 86% rating on metacritic yet  plays like it was made by a company who have never played an FPS in their life. Lets break down the crapness in a geek rant [note that this in an excercise in making me feel better for wasting money on this peice of crap].

Realism. It’s obvious that FC2 is striving to be realistic, but c’mon, realism as a trend is so five minutes ago. I’d much rather play something fun than something realistic for the sake of being realistic. Far Cry has all the fun of malaria! All the fun of guns getting rusty and jamming! All the fun of being a mechanic! All the fun of driving cars until you are bored! I wish I was making this shit up.

Gunplay. I can confidently say through my years of experience that the gunplay in FC2 is complete ass. Each and every gun feels like a garden hose. Without a nossle. Silenced MP5? AK47? Mounted M60? All the same. You point them in the rough direction of bad guys and eventually they fall down. Guys in t-shirts stand up to heavy machine gun fire like you were flicking M&Ms at them. The guns just don’t seem to do anything, aiming them doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s like 5 out of 6 bullets are blanks! This game made me feel like I was playing a console FPS on a PC.

Enemies. Apparently if you drive around Africa you will meet a roadblock of guys who are waiting to shoot you every 100 metres. If they give chase and you shoot them back, they will sit in their car until they die, or eventually teleport next to the car before spouting something in a South African accent and dying. An also as mentioned before, t-shirts make great armour in Africa.

The AI is fucking attrocious, I can probably recreate it here in ActionScript:

if(see player){
shoot at player;
run at player;

Annoying Cutscenes. Bad guys are hiding inside a building. Your natural instincts are telling you to toss a grenade in and let god sort them out, but forget about that, as every time you open a door a stupid cutscene of your hand reaching for the knob plays out! Buildings are like Dubya’s stance on terrorism, you’re either in or out, no in-betweens. The game seems so focussed on this sort of shit that it’s like they forgot to make the game fun because they were to busy devising different ball scratching cutscenes.

Dumb controls. Want to check your map? Well you just have to push 5 to bring it up (another annoying cutscene) then press R to make it change to a usable scale. Want to exit a jeep? Push D, unless you’re in another position other than the drivers seat, then you have to switch to the driver’s seat first before exiting. Did you like the handy binoculars in Far Cry 1 and Crysis? Well too bad, as they’ve been replaced by a monocular! To use it, you have to bring up your dumb map, press another random button, look at something (with no zooming!) and then press another button to tag what you’re looking at (which almost never works!).

Conclusion: A free roaming FPS in Africa sounds great. I loved sneaking around the jungle and devising different ways to attack enemy outposts in Far Cry 1 and Crysis, but all that goes out the window here because the enemies and crap guns react the same way no matter how you play. You basically spend most of your time driving around from dumb cutscene to dumb cutscene.

Avoid at all costs!

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21 Responses to Worst Game of 2008 – Far Cry 2

  1. Con says:

    Have to agree. High hopes were severely dashed by the following routine:

    - Drive
    - Get shot at in car
    - Get out of car or onto mounted gun and kill attackers
    - Fix car as it’s broken
    - Repeat

    Same thing, every journey, every 60 seconds or so. Pain.

    The thing with FPS’s though is that it’s a slow evolution usually, this one has left behind a few traits that someone clever developer can pick up on and carry into their game. Namely the fire spreading mechanic and the semi-sandbox mission style.

  2. Aaron says:

    IMO try Fallout 3 or Dead Space.

  3. Aaron says:

    Yeh, Fallout 3 and Gears 2 are still on the to be played list.

  4. Jeff Plum says:

    The bit about the AI Actionscript made me do a big LOL. Thank you for cheering me up. I needed it – after all, I’ve just been playing Far Cry 2. I’ve got to 12% complete and decided I’m not going to bother finishing it. I knew as soon as I started playing, from the first moment an enemy said in that typical Ubisoft fashion “I thought I heard something” in a silly accent, that it was a pile of Comedy Impala crap.

  5. duffy says:

    Possibly the worst 360 game

  6. Max says:

    Wow, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I had high hopes for this game. For some reason it’s been aggressively hyped on every review site. I don’t buy a lot of games, so I’m pissed. Luckily I picked up Fallout 3 at the same time, so I just play that.

    I had hoped this would be like GTA in the jungle, an open world game where I could explore and destroy stuff. What I got was a game so full of problems that trying to think of my biggest annoyance (so as to not sound like a ranting idiot) has literally got me stumped. There’s just too many to list, but the respawning checkpoints are probably the biggest game-killer.

  7. Alex says:

    God I wish I read this before i got it! So true. Looking on the net for these blogs is ten times more enjoyable than play that piece of crap game. I can’t belive I traded in fallout 3 for this shit! How can they make a game this bad????

  8. kerbi says:

    it really is horrible. what makes me wonder is that i read so much good stuff about this game. why? it’s crap, not more. my expectations were high. i stopped playing after about three hours, i never quit a game as fast before.
    btw does anyone know why it wasn’t developed by crytek like the first part?

  9. Chem says:

    probably because the name is owned by ubisoft. its not the first time a publisher buys the rights of an ace selling name and making a sequel themselfes.

    Do U want a good sequel for farcry? play crysis…

  10. M says:


  11. Hunter says:

    waste of my money! game irritates me.
    Managed to finish the game hoping the would be some kind of twist or get better but there is none, the exact same at the end as in the first missions. and all of them sucked
    how did it get such good reviews?

    Dont waste your time.

  12. dark_ninja says:

    I just brougt this game yesterday from CEX in harrow, i thought £25 2nd hand not bad price so should try it out as i hve heard bare hype about it.

    Played the first few missions and its the repeat of the same thing again & again & again…its too repetive and the envrionment is used over and over again.

    The storyline is boring, it can never be as as fun as MGS or even COD4….DOTN BUY THIS GAME & DONT ALWAYS BELIEVE THE REVIEW LIKE I DID!!..


  13. ultramag88 says:

    you are all correct, this game is rubbish

  14. bluefoot says:

    why dose everyone hate farcry2 on ps3 and 360 SHIT its fine to me don’t like 360 SUCKS but i play it on ps3 its better love far cry since far cry 1 so i don’t know why anyone don’t like its awesome game for ps3.

  15. Puer says:

    This game has nice climate and awesome graphics. It’s kinda even up these horrible roadblocks. But that what Hunter wrote, took my eagerness to finish this game.

  16. Voz says:

    The only thing I love about this game is looking up rants on the internet… this game is so unbelievably repetetive and boring… pisses me off how I was lured into buying this piece of #*($& by all those review sites giving this crap high ratings…

  17. Johhny Boy says:

    I just bought a PS3 with this game bundled and was so looking forwrd to playing this. My God what an incompetant waste of time. I was bored ridgid after 3 minutes.Seriously 3 minutes. Were the reviewers paid to say how good it was. Ok heres my idea for a video game I do hope Ubisoft will take it up. Its called paint drying. Yes, you guessed it. The game is watching a wall of paint dry over a 24 hour period, all this is glorius 1080p. Its about 50 times more excitng than far cry 2 and has more variation.

  18. IvanDrago says:

    Hello all,everyone is saying something so i thought i could too lol,here’s the deal,farcry 2 is awesome when it comes to graphics,loading times,details on certain things that many GREAT fps don’t have,i was playing 10 minutes ago,fire spreaded through some stack of ammo,everything started to blast like fucking carnival on the game,it was so reallistic,i could swear i had about 5 sec of joy with 1 entire hour of play(divided of course,couldn’t stand it for more than 10 minutes,everyday i try it in hope that i am the stupid one and the game is something but it’s all the way around! i’ve lost hope already)! i think they had so much work with the visual look of the game that they completelly didn’t gave a crap about the rest,it’s a complete Nonsense Game,the bots make me remember in a certain way, crysis, but that’s another story :P,anyway,like many here in this forum,i do not recomend it, pheraps only take a look at the graphics combined with the realism(on objects of course),they are cruel for this … “thing”

    by the way,excelent review man

  19. Dani says:

    Im with you lot on this, I saw the review on gametrailers and went, “oooooooo that looks good, ill buy that”…fortunately i didnt. I borrowed it off my brother as he wasnt very enamoured with it, now i know why.
    I must have played about 3 hours of it and i just cant be bothered anymore, i see the next mission is always on the other side of the map and think ‘fking hell how many checkpoints do i have to stop at before i get there? how many thousands of bullets do i have to fire into one man before he dies?’
    What is it with the great reviews?!?!?

  20. Probson says:

    I have download the game fom a torrent. I thought it was like the First…BIG MISTAKE. Darn the game is so…so…how can i say…BORED. Good Damit why do have the companys ruin the good games.. Just have to stick wiht the original story and we are off for a good game. Well to avoid this i have download a trainer…now i can finish missions in 1 day….lolololol. Whit patch 1.63 and the trainer i am already in second map. But all the reviews you all have made are true. this game shouldn´t be givend a 88%. It is more 40%. I don´t have a PS3. Just a regular computer, but even so the game is equal like in PS3, and its bored like hell.

  21. Ian says:

    This game sucks because you are always getting shot at and i would be okay with that if you had weapones that did more damage than a paintball gun

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