Random Darwin Night #24

2 Cats 1 Hat

Walked into a steamy Happy Yess after leaving a heavily airconned Jazz/Swing gig to see 2 Cats 1 Hat (seen above) performing a song called “Ladies, love your cunt” at a fundrasier for the¬†Sunflower Orphan Centre in Cambodia.

2 Cats 1 Hat are a Lesbian Hip Hop/Electro five peice consisting of: 3 female mc’s, male bass player, female drummer, dreadlocked male keyboardist with keyboard bolted to a guitar strap. Tonight they were all dressed in various coloured plastic bags. Performing real Hip-hop, no 50c mumbling or Puff Diddy Kong RnB BS, with 80s synth melody over heavy hip-hop drum beats. Awesome.

NB: I was still partially drunk when I originally wrote this.

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  1. wonwing from 2cats 1hat says:

    Yo Im glad to hear you enjoyed the show…make sure you come say hi at the next gig…Thanks for the props..


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