Further Proof that Frank Miller has lost his mind

The final trailer for ‘the Spirit’ is out and it looks dangerously stupid.

Back in the 80′s Miller (along with the far superior Alan Moore) revolutionised comics by making them more intelligent and adult. Miller did this by infusing his work on Marvel’s Daredevil with a film noir style, while Alan Moore used sheer deific awesomeness.

In the late eighties Miller released the now classic ‘Dark Knight Returns’ which is credited with creating a cultural shift in the comic book world, after which he went on to write the similarly influential Sin City novels. But by the time the new millennium rolled around he kind of went a bit… crap.

‘The Dark Knight Strikes Again’ looked like it had been drawn by a parkinsons sufferer with crayons and coloured in MS Paint. ‘All Star Batman and Robin’ didn’t have that problem because it was illustrated by Jim Lee, but received extremely negative reviews for it’s moronic dialogue. Perhaps the best example of this is the infamous passage:

What are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the goddamn Batman!

We can only hope that the Spirit is self-aware. That it’s stupidity is fun and tongue in cheek, because god help a film that takes itself seriously with lines like:

I’m going to kill you all kinds of dead!

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