True Tales from Darwin: Disk Discombobulation*

With the price of Hard disks falling rapidly, and one of the old 128gb disks in my pc starting to sound like a blender full of broken glass, I decided to drop some hard earned dough on a new HDD.

The only trouble was finding a place that sold them in the Darwin CDB. After checking a couple of repair places I was informed that Dick Smith Electronics was my best bet. Now, I prefer to buy my computer components from dodgy back-alley chop shops, so I wasn’t exceptionally excited about this proposition. Still, I thought I’d check in order to cross it off the list and confirm my nightmarish suspicion that in case of emergency, there is nary a computer component to be purchased in the Territory Capital.

I swanned into the store and after a brief glance at the ‘hardware’ shelf I was approached by a swarthy clerk, with a neck that somehow managed to be wider than his head.

Clerk: Can I help you?
Me: Do you guys sell hard disks?
Clerk: Yep, here you go (pulls box from shelf, hands it to me)
Me: Uh… They’re floppy disks.

Not bad for “Australia’s most knowledgeable electronics retailer”.

*This isn’t that funny if you are not a nerd

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3 Responses to True Tales from Darwin: Disk Discombobulation*

  1. Aaron says:

    Yeh, ended up getting one from Scorptek

  2. Crosius says:

    Wait, you can still _buy_ floppy discs?

    I actually have no idea where I’d go to buy _floppy_ discs where I live. I can get CD-ROMs and DVD+/-Rs, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a 3.5″ for sale _anywhere_.

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