Insanity, Territory Style

Territory Madness

Territory style insanity is wilder than your every day insanity. This is partially because up here the Government is just as balls out crazy as their constituents [if not crazier]. One example would be the Chief Minister being involved in anniversary celebrations of a giant beer while the rest of the country was debating various solutions to binge drinking.

But the finest example by far, would have to be Territory day.

Territory Day is held on the anniversary of the commencement of self government in the NT [July 1st 1978]. Up here it’s the one day that the public can buy fireworks and everyone meets at Mindil beach to let them off with little to no order or regulation. Fireworks have been banned in the rest of Australia for decades, but true to form, the Territory and it’s Government are decades behind the rest of the civilised world.

It is one of the most insane things I have ever experienced. Think of the Normandy scene in Saving Private Ryan but set in the dark, with coloured flashes of light and giant lasers positioned on each end of the beach sweeping the bay. The carnage is roughly the same. After watching fireworks for two or three hours the awe wears off, but the excitement of doing something moronic with something that shoots burning magnesium doesn’t get old. Towards the end it became a survival of the fittest [or most well armed] with combatants aiming fireworks at each other or occasionaly for laughs, into the crowd.

As I sit and type this now, it’s close to midnight on a Tuesday and there are still fireworks going off around Darwin. Some maniac in our building is shooting them off his balcony.

Seen below is the fireworks I bought, some are notable for the stolen X-men art and the brand ‘Firefox’. In the end I think my favourite were the the ‘Wolf Pack’ rockets. The worst ones were the Tanks [just out of shot on the left] which just farted sparks in random directions.

X-Men/Firefox Fireworks?

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