They forgot my mustard

They forgot my mustard from Aaron Booth on Vimeo.

Stupid test video filmed during my lunch break yesterday after our new camera arrived [Canon HV30] around Darwin [Ludmilla Maccas and Fannie Bay].

Hastily [and randomly] edited in imovie. Wipe transitions inspired by Lucas/Kurosawa :P

And yes, they really did forget my mustard.

- HD looks sweet on a 22″ imac
- imovie is too simple, need to get premiere pro cs3 or final cut going

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4 Responses to They forgot my mustard

  1. max says:

    but what is it about?

  2. Aaron says:

    It’s about one man’s search for junk food.

  3. Cecelia says:

    The transitions are cross-dissolves (well-entrenched in arthouse production) not wipes. You need to get your finger busy on the zoom button! Peculiarly the new iMovie is a million times worse than the previous one, so if you can get your hands on the old version, it would be a lot easier.

  4. Aaron says:

    There are wipes in the bit where I’m waiting at the final window. They’re just hard to see because the camera [or background] doesn’t move in that time.

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