Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk


Wow! That is how you make a Hulk movie!

Expectations were low for this flick, with a questionable Director and rumoured arguments between Edward Norton and the producers, but with this and Ironman, Marvel Studios have shown that no-one knows their characters like they do.

Cast wise, this movie is spot on. Tim Roth is a bit off, but Norton is probably the best Bruce Banner to date, Liv Tyler is not an annoying blubbery mess for once and William Hurt’s steely performance makes General Ross someone to hate, instead of just being the standard Army guy who shouts orders a lot.

Ed Norton as Bruce Banner

Normally I’m really picky about this sort of thing but the script is solid. The characters act like real people, relationships are interesting and the romance isn’t just shoe-horned in there to keep the girlfriends in the audience awake!

Make no mistake, this is a Hulk movie, not Shakespeare, but the team behind this one have nailed what a Hulk movie should be about: Banner/Hulk’s loneliness and Hulk smashing things. The cave scene was actually touching and the scene where the Hulk rips a NYPD car in two and uses the halves as boxing gloves made me geekasm. Insert a tick both boxes.


About the only thing that could have made this movie better was more distance from Ang Lee’s ‘attempt’ at making a Hulk flick. Does the Hulk look CG? Of course he does, but looks better than the Ang Lee version. I was almost dreading the battle royale ending between two CGI monsters after seeing the trailer, but thankfully it’s much more interesting than the tiring and confusing battles in the Transformers movie.

I know the rest of the world is sick of comic book movies, but if Marvel Studios can continues to put out movies of this [and Ironman's] calibre, I don’t really care. Maybe it’s time for comics to be uncool again! Bring it on I say.

The only question now, is how the hell they are going to make Thor [2010] and Captain America [2011] work on the silver screen?!?

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2 Responses to Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

  1. patrick says:

    this new Incredible Hulk is a lot more fun than the first one with Eric Bana; as usual Ed Norton has gravitated to a “split personality” role…

  2. Aaron says:

    Yeah, it makes you wonder. He actually co-wrote this movie as well.

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