Still dressing up at 30


I had my 30th on saturday night, which was an absolute blast. It was easily one of the best birthday parties I’ve had, including my 9th, when Mum gave me a surprise party at Pizza Hut or my 18th, which was attended by about 300 strangers and several Police cars.

The theme was 80′s Metal [with an 80's rock option for those less adventurous] I had procured a smoke machine and lights [thanks Dj Guru] and a projector [thanks Jen and Lucy] which looped classic video clips by Megadeth, Motörhead, Mötley Crüe and Metallica [was there an 'M' fad in the 80's or something?]. None of these special effects show up in the photos but going to these lengths definitely made the party considerably more awesome than your usual apartment party. Nada for instance was possessed by some sort of performance art demon on the dance floor which proved entertaining [and occasionally slightly disturbing] for all.

It was strange having a birthday in t-shirt weather, typically my birthdays are spent indoors or huddled around flaming 44 gallon drums, but the party will be, without a doubt, one of my favourite Darwin memories :)

More photos below, full set here.





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