This is what I’m dealing with up here

This is what I'm dealing with up here.

This is probably the best example I’ve seen yet of how the NT is gleefully twenty years behind the rest of Australia [and the rest of the civilised world]. It’s definitely worth viewing large and reading.

Not only are the attitudes contained within completely laughable, but as far as writing, reporting and debating goes it fails on every level. It tries to hide this behind the pretence that it’s tongue in cheek, but the sad reality is that this is how the majority of Territorians feel.

It initially states that a study has shown that ‘hard blokes’ are a dying breed, but then counters that small modicum of uncredited scientific evidence by spending the rest of the article running the opinions of Davo Rutter the warehouse storeman.

There’s also the usual laundry list of grammatical and spelling errors that befits the NT News’s reputation (what is going on with the second last paragraph?), not to mention the glorification of binge drinking, bomb making instructions and an unmistakeable hint of homophobia.

And before anyone tries to pull me up on any typos, I’d like to remind them that this blog exists in the wild wild west of the internets, and that I’m not paid to spell proper.

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2 Responses to This is what I’m dealing with up here

  1. James says:

    Jeebus. Must be hard for a inner-city Sydney web designer up there!

  2. Aaron says:

    Yeh, fortunately we have a circle of cool, equally new friends up here so it’s not that bad.

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