On Darwin’s Climate

Darwin Harbour

“It’s going to be hot up there!”

I’ve heard those exact words roughly one gazillion times. Most of the time they directly follow me explaining the reasoning behind our move to the top end. Everyone says the same lines, as though God/Allah/Shiva/L Ron Hubbard is suffering from writers block. Sometimes real life makes the Home & Away scriptwriters look like Shakespere.

So with these words tattooed on our consciousness, we were expecting to keel over and die the second we stepped outside the airport. In fact, like the dumb tourists we are, we were looking forward to it! So it was with some disappointment that after exiting the terminal we remained more or less free of immolation.

Let me tell you about Darwin’s weather at the moment: All year round Darwin’s temperate ranges between 30 and 33 degrees. The weather is like clockwork, rendering my collection of weather widgets useless. At the moment it’s the wet season, which means that at least once a day a storm washes across the town. But these aren’t the sort of storms you get in Sydney or Melbourne. They move in quickly with heavy dark clouds, thunderous lightning, and thick, fat drops of rain. You see more water than you’ve ever seen in your life, then, in less than an hour it’s gone and it’s sunny again.

In Sydney or Melbourne when it rains people huddle for shelter as though it were raining liquid nitrogen. Up here, no one cares if they get wet. The rains are refreshing and help cool off the day somewhat.

I’ve come to really dig the weather, even though the dry season [Winter] is supposedly the best time of year. It means that even the fanciest of restaurants will only ask that you wear dress thongs.

Update: Ok, I may have been too hasty in composing this post. On Saturday a monsoon rolled in and it has been overcast and rainy ever since. Oh well, not long until the dry season now, then it will be 28 and perfect every day.

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