Boothy’s Holga Guide for Noobs

Call me Ishmael

When I first got my holga I went through two rolls before I had it all figured out, so here are some pro-tips for anyone who’s recently or about to get into Holga-ography.

  • Always get 400 asa film
  • Always underestimate the available light
  • Always use the flash indoors or even outdoors if it’s dusk
  • Get in the habit of winding the camera on after each shot
  • Ignore the aperture switch, it does nothing
  • The yellow flash isn’t that different from the white flash. I use it most of the time because it just makes the colours a tiny bit warmer
  • Cheap 120 film can cost half as much as the high quality stuff, make sure you ask the about the film before you buy it. I reckon the cheap stuff is just fine
  • When loading or removing film, do it out of direct sunlight
  • Nice, closeup headshots of your friends always turn out the best. Midrange and landscape photos mostly end up looking meh.

I’ll add more tips as I think of them.

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  1. Ricky says:

    This very much helped, I’ve been through 1 120 roll and 3 35mm films and i’m still not very confident with the camera, however i love the images it can produce!

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