Use your Illusion, Symbiote style

I kinda went down two paths simultaneously when colouring this. I expected to ditch one but ended up liking them both equally.

2007 is set to be Venom’s year. If you don’t know who he is, you will after seeing Spiderman3. Marvel is cashing in it upping his profile and putting Spidey back in his black costume as well.

This one is an attempt to be as loud and stupid as the character himself. Venom is the posterboy for the vacuous comics that ruled the 90s.

Venom - Hot

This one has a more conventional background, but it works well with ol’ toothface, especially with it’s cool hues.

Venom - Cold

Which do you like better?

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2 Responses to Use your Illusion, Symbiote style

  1. scottbp says:

    I like number two… I just think it looks darker (not just colour-wise!)
    I also like the background with the city street.
    But hey they are both neat!
    One thing, I thought the web came out from under the wrist?

  2. Aaron says:

    That’s Spiderman, this is Venom.

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