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Because the last thing the interweb needs is to hear the opinion of another rabid x-nerd on this flick, I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible [which probably wont be brief at all].

I’ve spent the past few weeks doing mental exercises [ie: lowering my expectations] in preparation for this movie. As everyone knows, Bryan Singer abandoned Marvel’s merry mutants to work on his childhood dream project [something to do with an alien in red underpants]. Brett Ratner, famous for Rush Hour [ugh], was roped in to hurriedly direct what was left of Fox’s cash cow after the board of directors stepped in, meddled with the script and set a horrifically unreasonable release date for the film.

Despite many people’s expectations [including moi] that this movie would suck, it’s actually not that bad. Ratner sticks pretty closely to the groundwork laid by Bryan Singer and there are several genuinely ‘cool’ moments in the film, including several which were aimed right at hardcore x-men fans.

Ultimately though, with so many characters running around and so many special effects dancing across your retinas at once, all the emotion and characterisation is sucked out of the film. Several plot points really stuck in my gullet as well. Fortunately, none of this really stops it from being an entertaining way to spend one hundred and four minutes, something that I can’t say for last year’s biggest monkey, King Kong.

If you’re the sort of person who thought the first two flicks needed more explosions and lightning bolts, you will love this movie. If you spent the first two movies contemplating the philosophical differences between Magneto and Professor X’s ideals, then you’ll probably find this latest flick a little empty.

I just hope that they stay true to this film’s title, and make this the last ensemble x-men movie [not counting the Magneto and Wolverine spinoffs], as the cast is just getting ridiculously large. I feel that any X-men movies made after this will simply run the franchise into the ground.

Ok, so it wasn’t the briefest review, but if you’re in the mood for a massive nerd rant, I’ve posted a rather nerdy, spoiler filled exposition in the comments of this post.

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  1. Aaron says:


    Now, lets get into the nitty gritty. Things that were really dumb/annoying:

    At the Grey residence, Magneto says to Juggernaut “Let no one inside”, so what does ol’ Juggy do as soon as Wolvy attacks? Throws him into the house. WTF.

    Killing off Cyclops [off screen no less!] is exactly the kind of decision a dumb suit would make, to get rid of one of the least popular characters, but without Cyke around Wolverine is a lot less cool. You need a straight guy for him to bounce off. I can’t even really explain why this made me so mad, it’s just a rule of thumb for the x-men mythos, you don’t kill off Cyclops.

    I mentioned the lack of emotion before, I think area where this is most apparent is the death scenes. You have core characters dying all over the place, but you never really end up caring about it. When Jean died at the end of X2 I had to use all of my willpower to stop myself crying like a newborn.

    Also, so many characters die that at the end there’s only two core x-men left! The defence of the lab is left up to two x-men, Beast and bunch of kids. The kids make for interesting backstory but there’s just too much focus on them IMHO. The movie is called x-men after all, not ‘x-kids and their two teachers and a politician’.

    Although it was good to see Storm finally be put to some use, Halle Berry still did a terrible job. The only reason Storm has featured so strongly in the last two films was because of Berry’s Oscar.

    The climax scene really got me down. In the first movie, Magneto planned to turn the UN into mutants. In X2 he tried to wipe out all of humanity. In X3, he tries to destroy a lab and kill one kid. It’s kind of a let down. And there were so many other annoying things about that whole part of the movie, like:

    • Why and how, did a lab end up on Alkatraz? Isn’t it a big tourist attraction?
    • When Magneto tears the Golden Gate Bridge apart it’s daytime, a second later, it’s completely dark. WTF.
    • And what was up with that Golden Gate bridge stunt? Mags would have been better off packing everyone into a bus, train or boat and floating that there.
    • Scratch that, all mags had to do was drop Juggernaut on the facility if he wanted to kill the kid. He has mutants around him that are indestructible, invisible and superfast and his bet strategy is a full frontal assault? WTF

    Bits that I actually liked:

    Zomg they put “I’m the Juggernaut BITCH!” in the movie

    Mystique and Pyro make a welcome return. The Juggernaut and Beast are both well done, although I kind of wish Beast was a little more jovial. Rogue has a convenient sabbatical during the action which is a good idea, she’s overstayed her welcome in these movies if you ask me. It was cool to see Iceman ‘ice up’ and I was glad that Angel’s part was minimal, Angel is a terrible character imho.

  2. TRIPtych says:

    I agree with you about the character kill off’s. As for the final scene stuff, well dude its a movie.
    I don’t think strapping all his evil mutant pose into a bus would of been good viewing material.

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