Neil Gaiman on the Comic Book Movie Fad

Rather unfortunately for me, Neil Gaiman is coming to Sydney for the writers festival one week after I leave for Melbourne. To promote his visit, the SMH have published an article written by him on the current love affair that Hollywood has with the comic book. It’s a very interesting read, as Gaiman is more qualified than most to write about the subject, but by far, my favourite part of the article is the quote below, where comic book Jesus and all around cranky English genious Alan Moore [Watchmen, League of Extroadinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta], shares his unique view on the trend:

Moore himself is resigned, amused and wryly bitter about the process of turning comics into film. “Comics are one step in the digestive process of Hollywood eating itself,” he told me. “Are there any films made from the comics that are better than the original comics? Hollywood needs material to make into films as part of an economic process. It could be a Broadway play or a book, or a French film or a good TV series from the 1960s that people want to see on the big screen, or a bad TV series from the 1960s that nobody cares about but still has a name, or a computer game or a theme park ride. I expect that the next subject of films will be breakfast-cereal mascots – a film that chronicles how Snap, Crackle and Pop met and explores their relationship. Or the Tony the Tiger movie.

“Films are no friend to comics,” he concluded. “I think they actually impoverish the comic landscape. Turning it into a sort of pumpkin patch for movie studios to come picking.”

The article is a great read, I reccomend that you check it out.

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  1. von batalot says:

    weird i read that. dont often read those stupid newspapers inside newspapers articles..
    anyway i thought he had a point, but was a bit of a tossbag… I just watched V and thought it very very good.. And I’m fairly certain he was bagin on it.

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