Gig Review: Dinosaur Jr at the Metro

I left this gig geeling thoroughly underwhelmed. It was one of those ‘so loud you can feel your skeleton liquifying’ concerts, which is ok, but they only played stuff from their noisy 80′s records. I tend to prefer Dinosaur’s 90′s stuff, made after Jay Mascis kicked Lou Barlow out of the band. Seeing as though it’s the original line up touring [including Barlow] it kind of makes sense that they play their old stuff but I didn’t really enjoy it. It was so loud it was barely music, you just stood there being pummelled by thick, soup like, noise.

Highlights include In a Jar, Freak Scene and the Wagon. It was almost worth it just to see one of the top ten guitarists of all time [Mascis], but I spent most of the gig sitting there vainly hoping that they’d do Get me, Water or Feel the Pain. Bah. I saw Mascis do a solo show when he supported Sonic Youth and it was much better.

Anyway, this is kind of interesting, Dinosaur Jr:

Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Sr:

Dinosaur Jr
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