Is it me or is it all you?

I wish there was an easy way to find out when your favourite bands are in town. If only there was one place you could go to, register, add your favourite bands and receive email updates when they tour, thus making it unnecessary to trawl the plethora of annoying, wanky music websites and wading through article after article on shit like U2, when what you really want to know is when Lightning Bolt are touring.

I missed out on seeing the Stooges because I steer clear of all forms of music journalism. Once you’ve read one Rolling Stone you’ve read them all. If you were the fiscally conscious variety, instead of buying it each month you could just go in and change the band names in each article and receive the same effect.

There are four types of stories in Rolling Stone:

  • New Band ‘A’ are so hot right now. They rebel against the establishment and play up a lot. OMG the lead singer might be insane.
  • New Band ‘B’ are so cool, they don’t need to be cool. They’re just normal guys, after all. They’re in it for the music, man and hate the shallowness of the music industry.
  • Old Band ‘C’ are still rocking! They’ve been rocking since X! [insert rock lifestyle anecdotes]
  • Dead musician ‘D’ is Jesus.

Anyway, before it turned into a rant I started writing this post with the intention of saying that I’m chuffed to bits to be seeing Dinosaur Jr in a couple of weeks at the Metro, woohoo!

I almost missed out on getting tickets to them as well. If anyone has any suggestions on easy ways to check when cool bands are touring [which don't require thumbing through dirty street rags or receiving emails about Powderfinger] let me know.

Dinosaur Jr

Photo by flickr user Ttam Elbanak.

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4 Responses to Is it me or is it all you?

  1. sean says:

    I am also seeing Dinosaur Jr soon, the friday night show with The Drones (who rule, make sure you see them if you’re going to this show)
    Can’t wait!
    As for finding out about gigs, the mess and noise forum is good, as is the big day out forum

  2. James says:

    I think have some sort of ‘gigs’ feature and I’m pretty sure Triple J do aswell.

    But someone needs to develop an RSS feed of upcoming gigs.

  3. Aaron says:

    Sean: I’m going on the thursday night
    Tash: xxx
    James: Agreed. If only there was one feed to rule them all…

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