Boothy’s ProTips for Better Living #8

the stooges

Play some fucking Stooges.

I saw the above line scrawled on a wall in Stanmore a few months ago and it piqued my interest. I’d heard of the Stooges, and knew that many music nerds credit them with being influential in the creation of metal and punk. I also knew that Iggy Pop is pretty damn cool so about a week ago I *cough* procured legally *cough* their entire catalogue and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

They were a bit of a commercial failure back in their day [1969-73] but it was probably due to them being ahead of their time. Listening to them now, I find them so easy to listen to, yet hard enough to still be interesting. If I had to describe them, I’d say that they’re a little like the Stones, but about 27 times more interesting [mostly because they're harder, rougher, dirtier and much less flowery].

They evolve from being a tad psychedelic in their first, self titled, 1969, album, to being early punk in their last, David Bowie produced album, Raw Power. My favourite tracks would have to be [in order] I wanna be your dog, Search & Destroy, 1969, No fun and Loose.

Who needs modern age xerox bands when our musical history contains gems like these.

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