I’ll take your brain to another dimension

Went Xmas shopping today and as usual managed to buy more crap for myself than I did for others. Amongst said crap was the new Prodigy DVD, which contains all their videos, a live set from the Brixton Academy in 1997 and some behind the scenes stuff.

HMV Girl: So have you seen them live?
Me: Yeah, a few times actually.
HMV Girl: Was that earlier this year?
Me: Oh… no. It was ah, back in the mid nineties… [omg I am so old]

Back in those post grunge, early club scene days, Tone, Eden and myself were quite the Prodigy fans. I’ve seen them at various Big Days Out, but seeing Keith and Maxim run around in open daylight captures about 5% of what it’s like to see the Prodigy in a smaller, enclosed venue. Being at the front of the mosh pit at Selina’s when they played with Regurgitator was and probably still is the best live act I’ve ever seen.

When we saw them at the Metro, Maxim dragged me [and some goth chicks] onto the stage to dance for the last song of their set. Eden was at the front of the moshpit, so when I passed him on the other side of the barrier, I tried to drag him up with me. The bouncers held him back. Maxim saw this, stepped in and dragged him on stage also.

Pretty goddamn awesome.

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3 Responses to I’ll take your brain to another dimension

  1. Dan says:

    I was at at that Selinas gig too. Was rad fun from what i remember.

  2. Rhys says:

    I saw the prodigy back home (Portsmouth, England) around 96 just before they released Phat of the land, I was right at the front and got so dehydrated I was in the toilets drinking water for half an hour non-stop! Crazy. Not as good as your stage dancing story but I did high five Keith Flint as he was jumping up and down like a hyper-active 5 year who’d forgot his ritolin! Your right I saw them outdoors too that year and it was nothing compared the indoor gig.

  3. betahny says:

    saw them at Brixton in december with a couple of mates though not to pleased with bouncers as we were right at the font, leaving barrier shaped bruises, when keith beckoned me and my mate whod previously had a staring match with maxim so we jumped up to get over the barrier when the bouncer dude shuved us back obviously the crowd had surged fowards so hurt a lot so in revenge keith spat on the bouncer from the stage and nutted him after what a guy.

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