Boothy’s ProTips for Better Living #7

I first thought of this strategy this afternoon, and tried it tonight for the first time with great success.

One my pet hates is when Pizza Delivery guys do the old ‘fumble through the change bag for five minutes in the hopes that you’ll say ‘forget it’ and let them keep the change’ trick. My solution: Answer the door half naked.

The shock of seeing nipples is guaranteed to make any delivery boy forget his petty machinations, pay you post haste and get the hell out of there. It worked for me. He didn’t even look down into his change bag, he just shoved a hand in, produced the exact change and took off down the stairs like greased lightning.

NB: This may not work so well if you are of the female persuasion.

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4 Responses to Boothy’s ProTips for Better Living #7

  1. ooda says:

    I’ve always felt obliged to tip the pizza delivery guys, usually about five dollars or so.

    Though the rule goes out the window if your pizza boy is Asian. Then you can exploit to your heart’s content.

  2. pikios says:

    Why stop there? From my delivery experience, you can go in your underware for better results.

  3. John L says:

    May not work if the Pizza delivery boy is gay.

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