Returning to work on Monday is normally weird enough, but over the weekend our company moved up three floors in the building. At the moment I’m kind of feeling like I’m living in an episode of the twilight zone…

Aaron yawned and checked his watch as the elevator whizzed upwards. Monday. He checked his watch again. Nope, it was still Monday. As the doors to the lift rumbled open he strained his eyes and tried to remember what he was working on last week. Drawing a mental blank, he swiped his security pass and was greeted by the usual high pitched cheep and deep thud of the security door unlocking. Finding his way to his computer, Aaron threw a few cursory glances and nods towards some of the familiar faces. Grey and sullen, they knew his pain.

As he waited for his computer to logon to the ancient Novell network it inhabited, something caught his eye. Looking out the window he noticed that the building across the street was shorter. ‘Impossible’ he thought. He blinked and looked again but it did not help. Seemingly defying physics, the building across the road was indeed somehow shorter. Turning to discuss this discovery with his workmate, Aaron almost fell off his chair. It seems the architecture was not the only thing prone to this mysterious weekend metamorphosis. Somehow, his friend Rom, a 35-year-old Phillipino designer had been transformed into a 6 foot tall, blonde, German babe in her late twenties. Pulling himself together, Aaron did not waste any time…

“So Rom… What’re you doing this weekend?”

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  1. Ez says:

    you are too funny bruno

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