Movie review: Black Dynamite

Since afros became funny in the 90s, the blaxploitation genre has been done to death but never with such love and attention to detail as in Black Dynamite.

Michael Jai White [Spawn] stars at the titular hero and his performance is pitch perfect. Part Jim Brown, part Jim Kelly, Black Dynamite is, as you’d expect, a one man army and a hit with the ladies.

Because the film was shot on Super 16 Color Reversal film and the impeccable costumes, it’s easy to forget that you’re watching a modern movie.

Despite it’s intentionally ridiculous plot, the film doesn’t take it’s audience for granted. Sharp eyed viewers will pick up on loads intentional errors, such as boom mics in shot, actors changing mid fight scene and actors that read their stage directions as lines of dialogue: “The militants turn, startled. This is private. How’d you get in here?”

I think the movie can be summed up in the following quote, where BD is talking to Richard Nixon’s wife:

First Lady, I’m sorry I pimp-slapped you into that china cabinet.

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