The end of the Holga era


Above is probably the last Holga photo you’ll see from me online. Reasons:

1. Cost
Now that Ted’s has stopped doing film, I’m being charged $28 a roll at Photolab. With only 12 photos per roll, that’s just crazy talk.

2. Saturation
With everyone using Polaroid/Holga/Lomo iPhone apps these days, what’s the point?

With all that being said, I am thinking of picking up a Holga 130BC or Gakkenflex (Both of which use the standard 35mm film, which is cheaper to develop and scan).

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  1. Rick says:

    Hi, Sorry to here you have given up on the Holga 120! We are currently progressing with the construction of the HolgaDirect website and are hoping to get it live within the next month. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive resource and shop for Holga related photography and cameras (including the 135/35mm models). For now you can follow our progress on Twitter or Sign up on the website. (Details Below)

    Twitter: HolgaDirect (

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