Yo! Hero! You Need a Haircut!


I’ve been a bit down lately, but tonight I almost burst out laughing on a packed train when I saw this ad in a comic I was reading. I could list the things wrong with it but I wont.

Ok maybe I will.

  • Firstly, “Yo! Hero! You need a haircut!”? What a call to action. It’s so like Captain America to force his right wing, buzzcut hairstyle on children, with insults about their personal appearance. And what’s with his lazy eye?
  • WTF is Daredevil looking at? He’s blind.
  • What the hell is the Hulk doing? “Mmmm Hulk like new haircut, Cap make hulk feel pretty”
  • Note to out of touch advertising execs: The average comic book reader is around 21-24. Younger kids are too busy collecting Pokemon, playing Final Fantasy and robbing Seven Elevens.
  • The glass of iced water next to Ironman should really be a dry martini. Tony Stark is an alcoholic.
  • And WAHL is a crap name for a company. It reminds of one of the bad guys in Enter the Dragon, who was played by an American actor named Bob Wahl. Bruce Lee kicked his ass.

Seriously though, it’s just a bad ad. Which kid is going to bug their parent to buy them a “Special Marvel Edition Haircutting Kit”? No kid wants to have their hair cut by their mother, no matter how many “big bucks” they’ll apparently save her. It’s just not cool.

I’m still chuckling.

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