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Auto Tuning from Casey D on Vimeo. This video contains two of my favourite things, jokes about CSS and paying out Kanye.

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4 Reasons why Twitter is a load of crap

Every half assed tech writer seems to be blubbering about Twitter these days (it seems they’ve¬†finally¬†moved on from Second Life), but ultimately, Twitter is just another flash in the pan fad. Here are the reasons why Twitter is a load … Continue reading

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True Tales from the Crypt

I love reading other people’s client horor stories, so here are a few of mine (one of them happened to someone else I know). The quotes have been translated from Idiotese into English for the sake of easy reading. The … Continue reading

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Photoshop Joke of the Day

Photo: Henry Hadlow More here.

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Does anyone actually use this? I see several mentions of it around the internets each day, but I don’t think I know anyone IRL that uses it. I’m beginning to think that it’s part of some grandiose alien (possibly skrull) … Continue reading

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Under Attack

The site is currently being swamped by comment spam, so I’ve taken the drastic measure of breaking the comment system for now. Here’s an awesome image to make up for the boringness of this post:

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