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Notes on Russia

Free Wifi everywhere No smoking indoors Blue eyeshadow Mongolians Cubans Georgian food Smaller portions Less obesity Awesome metro Gorky Park Kremlin Armory Dodgy, expensive Taxis Overly vigilant security guards Hair combed forward Cool young people

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Sutherland Tales

I headed into work a couple of hours late this morning. Normally, when I leave home at 8am, Sutherland is full of like-minded worker drones and the odd group of elderly cyclists in their brightly coloured spandex suits. 10am is … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Twilight Zone

The company that pays my bills (known for it’s ultra laid back workplace and being banned from public party venues) was recently purchased by a much larger company (known for being uber corporate, strict and boring). With last Saturday being … Continue reading

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Long time readers might remember a story that I wrote ages ago called Sword of the White Lotus. A few months ago I tweaked it a little and entered it into the Red Bubble short story comp. Iended up being … Continue reading

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Dear Blog, today I got on the wrong tram and ended up in Israel

I don’t know how I got mixed up but somehow I confused the numbers 79 and 16, and instead of the quick jaunt to Prahran that I’d planned, I ended up in the uber rich and Jewish North Caufield. While … Continue reading

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Melbourne Cup Day in Sydney, an Autopsy

Today got off to an awesome start, when my fellow passengers and I were kicked off our bus halfway up George Street for no apparent reason. The driver just stopped the bus and told everyone “THIS IS AS FAR AS … Continue reading

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