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Nokia Lumia 920 / Windows Phone 8 Megareview

ZOMG A BLOG POST. What is this? 2003? Anyways, after four years of living comfortably in Steve Jobs iOS bosom, I’ve spent a week navigating the uncharted seas of Windows phone 8 on the Lumia 920 and thought it warranted … Continue reading

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You wouldn’t steal a purse, but would you steal a Prodigy song?

One of my most hated things on earth are those stupid anti-piracy ads that you can’t skip if you’re watching a DVD (that you bought or rented legally). What’s worse is that the one you see most often in Australia … Continue reading

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True Tales from Darwin: Disk Discombobulation*

With the price of Hard disks falling rapidly, and one of the old 128gb disks in my pc starting to sound like a blender full of broken glass, I decided to drop some hard earned dough on a new HDD. … Continue reading

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That would be right

Instead of, you know, making an OS that doesn’t suck, Microsoft has been focussing on adding multi-touch to Windows 7. Of course the only major feature that Vista lacks is the ability to use MS Paint to make finger paintings… … Continue reading

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