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Star Wars

It’s like I can’t turn on the internet without seeing another goddamn Star Wars reference these days. We get it internet. You’re becoming old and nostalgic. Time to move on.

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Xbox HDD Infographic

I made the infographic below after cracking the shits about the current Xbox HDD situation (more info below). When I bought my Xbox 360, 20gb was the biggest HDD you could get, and that was fine at that time, as … Continue reading

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This continues to blow my mind

Back in the 90s I had to screen-print my own comic book t-shirts and hand cut the Decepticon logo for my crappy ’85 Magna. Now every second car I see has a Transformers logo, while Roger David and Dangerfield are … Continue reading

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Forgive them father, they know not what they do

Easter, like most of Christian ‘History’ does not stand up well to even the tiniest bit of scrutiny or logic. Did Jesus commit suicide or did God murder his son? Neither outcomes sound very Christian. Basically, the story goes that … Continue reading

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Here comes the future

Next year it will be 2010, which means that we’ll officially be in the future. With that in mind there are a few things that I feel need to be wiped from the face of the earth before society can … Continue reading

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4 Reasons why Twitter is a load of crap

Every half assed tech writer seems to be blubbering about Twitter these days (it seems they’ve¬†finally¬†moved on from Second Life), but ultimately, Twitter is just another flash in the pan fad. Here are the reasons why Twitter is a load … Continue reading

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