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Sutherland Franklins Stats

The first isle is almost entirely composed of giant soft drink bottles (out of only 7 isles) 80% of the ‘Asian Food’ section is two minute noodles At 7pm there are only two registers open, and the staff are 200% … Continue reading

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Skateistan featured on

Watch the video here, it’s pretty cool. Also their new site is up, with a fresh design and WordPress theme donated by me. If you want to lend a hand, buy a cool shirt.

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Things that make you feel old #524

When one of your childhood heroes’ children takes over their parents’ mantle:

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From the Skateistan site: Skateistan is Afghanistan’s first dedicated co-educational skateboarding school. The school will engage with the growing numbers of urbanised youth in Kabul through skateboarding and provide new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction and education. We will initially focus … Continue reading

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This is where I work

The boss let me do the signage for our new office, for some reason a big stencil of king kong was the first thing I thought of. After that I just had to justify it.

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A Fat Wad of Holga

I just uploaded another chunk of Holga pics. Believe it or not there are three rolls worth there. I’ve had a pretty low success rate lately because I’ve been experimenting with the ringflash. I discovered a new flaw: because the … Continue reading

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