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Notes on Russia

Free Wifi everywhere No smoking indoors Blue eyeshadow Mongolians Cubans Georgian food Smaller portions Less obesity Awesome metro Gorky Park Kremlin Armory Dodgy, expensive Taxis Overly vigilant security guards Hair combed forward Cool young people

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Fetch TV vs iQ2: PVR Battle

After 12 months of moaning to anyone who’ll listen, we recently ditched Foxtel. Although we had come to rely on the joys of recorded and time-shifted TV, $115 a month is too much to pay for hundreds of channels of … Continue reading

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My case for awesomeness

+ I’m probably upstaged by Rhys in the last photo though…

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Lester’s first day home

Lester, our new Blue point Siamese kitten, takes a look around his new home.

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Sutherland Tales

I headed into work a couple of hours late this morning. Normally, when I leave home at 8am, Sutherland is full of like-minded worker drones and the odd group of elderly cyclists in their brightly coloured spandex suits. 10am is … Continue reading

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Overheard in the Hunter Connection

An Asian girl in her late teens is discussing her lack of career ambition with her friend over lunch: If I was smart, like very smart, and I didn’t have to try very hard to have a career, then I’d … Continue reading

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