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Watercolour Girl

I’ve started sketching again, this is the first sketch so far that has been un-derpy enough to warrant putting online [and it's still pretty derpy].

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Jon Snow and Ghost

I’ve been reading Game of Thrones lately and have become asĀ ensconcedĀ in Westeros as anyone who reads it inevitably does.

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The Bendigo Bucket

Is this thing still on? A few weeks ago I came up with an idea for a hat in TF2 and cranked out a concept illustration. Before I knew it some dude from the internet offered to model it in … Continue reading

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Fetch TV vs iQ2: PVR Battle

After 12 months of moaning to anyone who’ll listen, we recently ditched Foxtel. Although we had come to rely on the joys of recorded and time-shifted TV, $115 a month is too much to pay for hundreds of channels of … Continue reading

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You come at the King, you’d better not miss.

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Hippy Dhalsim

I’ve always thought of Dhalsim as the hippy amongst the Street Fighter cast and have been meaning to draw in him Thai Fisherman pants for a while.

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